Shopify Apps made for you

We have build multiple Shopify shops on our own. A lot of our own custom solutions we needed to build, could have been solved with apps. Therefore, we thought, this can be done. So we decided to build those apps. We want you to be successful, without the pain we needed to go through.
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We build apps for your needs

We are just at the beginning. We have build multiple Shopify Shops over the last three years. Often there are the same problems. We want to solve them for you. We want you to be able to focus on your shop growth. So that you do not need to focus on annoying topics, we already solved for ourselves.

This is just the beginning

We just build the first version of our first app. Our JSON-LD Schema App will help you to grow your organic customer base, without any effort.

It does not need to be expensive

We all know developers are a rare and expensive ressource, you somehow need. Either by hiring your own team or an agency. We develop apps for your needs to a fair price.

Just install, enter your data and relax

To improve search rankings does not always need to be a pain. With our JSON-LD Schema App for Shopify you have full control over the data you provide. And the best part is, it just takes a few minutes instead of hours.

JSON-LD Schema App for Shopify

You do not need to be a developer or marketing expert to have outstanding search rankings. Our will bring you outstanding results with nearly no effort.
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Easy installation

No coding skills needed. Just click a button, add your Google rich snippet schema information and click save. Technical SEO can be easy.

Increase SEO rankings easily

Rich snippets are an easy way to create outstanding search rankings. These snippets are adding more data to your listings without effort.

Get more traffic to your shop

The additional data provided by rich snippets will help you to get more traffic on your store. Google, Bing and Pinterest love schemas.

All the rich snippet schemas you need

There are a lot of rich snippets you could implement into your shop. But not all of them are really relevant. With the JSON-LD Schema App for Shopify, you will receive all the schemas you need.

FAQ Schema for all your pages

Answer questions your customer has, already in your search listing. For every page you have created.

Local Store Rich Snippet

You own a local store? Great. With a local business schema you will show relevant information about your store, directly in your search listing.

Shop Rich Snippet

Our Shop snippet will help you to promote your business on the search engines by showing your social media profiles, company logo and additional information like company description.

Article Rich Snippet

Provides relevant data of your article directly to the search engine.

Blog Rich Snippet

Enrich your blog overview with additional information of your articles automatically.

Carousel Rich Snippet

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Breadcrumb Rich Snippet

Breadcrumb schemas will help your customers to understand your website hierachy easily. It will help them to navigate through your website.

Search Rich Snippet

Let your customers search through your shop directly in the search engine.

Product Rich Snippets

Allow users to see see prices and availability, and review ratings right in search results. Maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.

Product Review Rich Snippet

Show your product ratings directly in Google. Potential buyers can easily understand, how much others love your products. It will help you to attract more potential buyers.

How To Rich Snippet

Use HowTo structured data to explicitly tell Google that your content is a how-to. A how-to walks users through a set of steps to successfully complete a task, and can feature video, images, and text.

Recipe Rich Snippet

Help users find your recipe content by telling Google about your recipe with structured data. When you provide information such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information, Google can better understand your recipe and present it to users in interesting ways. Recipes can appear in Google Search results and Google Images.